Born 1943 in Zimbabwe
Mount Pleasant School, Harari
Qualifed with BSc Eng (Elec) – University of the Witwatersrand
Credits for Film and video production Penn State University, USA
Worked freelance from 1973 to present.

About Bryan:
Bryan is a digital photographer and videographer providing a service to produce high quality stills and video suitable for high end DVD production down to YouTube formats for video and stills images from A3 print size down to small JPEGs for web design use.

Bryan is also involved in the Health and Wealth industry partnering with a NASDAQ listed USA company marketing fully patented products internationally. It is really important to reduce dependency on synthetic drugs and move over to entirely natural food based supplements. You can join him to build your own effective trust fund that will set you and your descendants financially free for the rest of your lives. All you have to do is use the company’s natural products and promote them to others.

Bryan is also a member to a unique South African buying club which helps you slash your normal grocery and household goods shopping by 10% or more and provides cash vouchers for hundreds of other services and products. If you build your own buying club within the overall club you can generate a very decent income as well.


Unique Value Add:
Bryan can enhance portraits for clients to the quality that makes exquisite framed prints. He can provide video and imagery that will enhance any product or service promotion for clients in any type of business. He can combine these elements into a YouTube clip that you can use to promote your own business services.